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Sermon: Come, God's Peace is at Hand

Sending: Sending Pastor Hans on a new mission.
Pastor Hans
2016-11-13Sorry No RecordingSteadfast determination, love and faithfulnessPastor Hans

God chose you!Pastor Hans

A poison called FearDimitri Faludy
2016-10-23Sorry no recordingTaizé ServiceCJ/Ernest/Carleene
The Lord is your keeperAndre (CJ) Barnett

God's Truth stands firmPastor Hans

Growing Towards Spiritual MaturityDennis Estep
2016-09-25Sorry No RecordingThe Lord Lifts upErnest David
2016-09-18Sorry no recordingLove Your EnemiesDianna Faludy
2016-09-11Sorry no recordingGod's abundant mercyErnest David
Do What I ask of YouPastor Hans
2016-08-29Sorry no recordingThere is nothing to fear!Dimitri Faludy

By Faith we bless the LordPastor Hans
2016-08-14Sorry no recordingGrowing Faith on a journeyVarious speakers from various churches (at Willowgrove Camp)

War-room: A reflectionPhyllis Ramer
2016-07-31Young Adult ServiceSorry No RecordingDimitri Faludy
2016-07-24Sorry No Service at 15 Tobermory this Sunday.The congregation visited Wideman Mennonite Church.
2016-07-17Sorry No Service at 15 Tobermory this Sunday. Check the Zurich Mennonite Church website for a recording.Pastor Hans
2016-07-10Sorry No RecordingErnest David

We harvest what we plantPastor Hans

The cost of following JesusDimitri Faludy
God's Children through FaithPastor Hans
Your Faith has saved you!Carleene John
Back to ParadisePastor Ryan
There is no God like You!Ernest David
The Spirit Will Guide You into all TruthPastor Hans
2016-05-15Sorry no recording. The Lord ScatteredPastor Hans
Such Perfect Unity!Dimitri Faludy delivering Pastor Hans' Sermon
2016-05-01Sorry no recordingYou are witnesses Dianna Faludy
I will make all things new Pastor Hans speaking at Grace Lao MC
Salvation Belongs to our GodPastor Hans
So that my soul may praise you!Ernest David
Learning to be contentJim Raimer
Alive in ChristPastor Hans
14 Stations of the CrossPastor Hans, Craig Loewen
You are my God!Pastor Hans
`The Lord has done Great Things! (Problems for 5 min in middle of sound file)
Dianna Faludy
There is a new CreationPastor Hans Speaking at Pioneer Park CF

There is a new creation. (Sorry bad sound quality)Ernest David
My Soul is SatisfiedDimitri Faludy
Thursday Evening ServiceDimitri Faludy
Seek His face!Pastor Hans
Believe in your HeartPastor Hans
Find Rest In JesusDennis Estep
Walking with GodRev. Colin McCartney
Remain in mePastor Hans
Journey of the SoulSookdeo Kissoon
Love works in both directions.Pastor Hans
Christmas Eve MeditationsPastor Hans, Dimitri, Craig
Jesus the living waterPastor Hans
Joy in the Living Water. (Sorry only about 3 minutes of recording)Andre (CJ) Barnett
Peace in the living waterPastor Hans
Hope in the living waterPastor Hans
2015-11-22Theme: Hope (Sorry low quality sound)Dimitri Faludy
Proclaim and live the truth in Jesus Name!Pastor Hans
2015-11-08How deep the Father's love. (sorry low sound quality)Phyllis Ramer
2015-10-11Hope: Is to have faith & confidence & hold faith firmly.Pastor Hans
2015-09-27Peace in Your HomeDimitri Faludy
2015-09-20Who is in ControlDennis Estep
2015-09-13Where's your Hope?Ernest David
2015-09-06The Faith of the Phoenician WomanPastor Hans
2015-08-27Taize style ServiceDimitri Faludy
2015-08-16Psalm 113 - Special Joint Service at Willowgrove CampPastors Cam, Hans and Roberson
2015-08-09It's a New DayDennis Estep
2015-08-02With Sin I depart from you God!Pastor Hans
2015-06-12Let the Whole Earth Dance and sing to the Lord!Pastor Hans at Zurich MC
2015-06-28David and our storiesDimitri Faludy
2015-06-25Job, in tune with GodSookdeo Kissoon
2015-06-21Trust, Go and the Lord be with You!Ernest David
2015-06-14Then the Lord said, “Rise and anoint him”Pastor Hans
2015-05-31Welcome into God!Dimitri Faludy
2015-05-28Discernment (Special Thursday Taizé service)Pastor Hans, Dimitri Faludy, Ernest David
2015-05-24Are you Pentecostal?Pastor Hans
2015-05-17Hope and Test of Faith!Dimitri Faludy and Carleene John
2015-05-10Hope, Love, Words, Actions and how the world saw the early churchPastor Hans
2015-05-03What is your calling?Dennis Estep
2015-05-03OrdinationHenry Paetkau / Hans Peters
2015-04-19The hope that love of God has lavished on us!Pastor Hans
2015-04-12Proclaim Hope to the whole world.Dimitri Faludy and Carleene John
2015-04-05The Incredible HopePastor Hans
2015-04-03Were you there when they crucified my Lord? Good Friday ServicePastor Hans
2015-03-29They shouted Hosanna in the highest Heaven!Pastor Hans
2015-03-26In the Bulb there is a flower.Pastor Hans
2015-03-08"Salt...would you like some fries with that??"Andrew Janssen
2015-03-01Beyond Imagining! Are you living, from the inside & outside? Carleene John
2015-02-15Who Am IPastor Hans
2015-02-01What Do You Want with us, Jesus?Pastor Hans
2015-01-29Thursday Evening Worship ServicePastor Hans
2015-01-18I saw you under the Fig treePastor Hans
2015-01-11Convictions and Decisions
Dennis Estep
2015-01-04Remember who you are!Pastor Hans
2014-12-21The Heart of the FatherPastor Hans
2014-12-14An Announcement from our LordSookdeo Kissoon
2014-12-07An Announcement out of the WildernessErnest David
2014-11-30An announcement about our future! Pastor Hans did it for me!Dimitri Faludy
2014-11-16Well Done, good and faithful ServantPastor Hans
2014-11-02The proof is in the FruitDennis Estep
2014-10-30Special Thursday Taizé Style Worship ServicePastor Hans, young adults and youth
2014-10-26Love your neighbor as yourself!Vannessa Mitchell
2014-10-12For many are called, but few are chosen! Pastor Hans
2014-10-05But if they will not listen!Pastor Hans
2014-09-28Honor - No one is left out of God's grace!Pastor Hans
2014-09-14The grace of forgiveness!Pastor Hans
2014-09-07Persevere, For the Son of Man is going to come!Ernest David
2014-08-24And on this rock I will build my church.Pastor Hans
2014-08-03God's love has no limitsPastor Hans
2014-06-22God is AbleDennis Estep
2014-06-15PeopleAndre (CJ) Barnett
2014-06-08They all joined togetherPastor Hans
2014-06-01What was to happen next?Pastor Hans
2014-05-18LimitationsStu Blyde
2014-05-11Giving Better than we expectPastor Hans
2014-05-04The heart of a mailman Elizabeth Xavier
2014-04-20 EasterThe Empty Tomb, opens another dimensionPastor Hans
2014-04-18 Good FridayThe 14 Stations of the CrossPastor Hans
2014-04-13Reliable Words-Journey to EternityDennis Estep
2014-03-09Paul's Calling: Sent Home, Sent For, Sent Out.Pete Janssen
2014-03-02Security in the Law or Serving Two Masters!Pastor Hans
2014-02-16God’s four letter word! - Wait! Pastor Hans
2014-01-19And who is speaking?Pastor Hans
2014-01-12It's all in the touch
Colin McCartney
2014-01-05 God Dwells in the Baby!Pastor Hans
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Pastor Hans occasionally preaches at other churches.

Here are sermons preached in Spanish:

FechaIglesiaEscucha al sermónTitulo de SermonPredicador
2016-11-20Nueva Vida
Dando Gracias al Señor con alegriaPastor Hans
2015-08-30Nueva Vida
Poniendo en Practica!Pastor Hans
2014-08-10Refugio de Paz
Y Ya no puedo ser su liderPastor Hans
2014-11-09Refugio de Paz
Pero Yo y mi casa serviremos al SeñorPastor Hans


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